Secure Coding Course Review by Mayur Parmar(th3cyb3rc0p)

Mayur Parmar
1 min readAug 7, 2021



We Hack Purple is a Canadian company dedicated to helping anyone and everyone create secure software.


Price: 249$

Instructor: Tanya Janca

Level: Introductory

Course Contents:

1. Introduction to Secure Coding — The Basics

2. Secure SDLC & Application Security Program

In this module, I learned about Threat Modeling, Secure SDLC, Code Review & Static Analysis.

3. Secure Coding Basics

In this module, I learned about best practices to avoid some vulnerabilities.

Ex. Input Validation, use of Security Headers

4. PCI DSS — for Devs!

Many new things I learned from this module like PCI DSS, some points that we have to implement to avoid payment gateway-related attacks.

Ex. Price Manipulation

5. The OWASP Top Ten and other Common Pitfalls

Basic overview of OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities

Final Conclusion:

Thanks to the WeHackPurple team for this course.

Tanya Janca explained all the topics in a very easy way. I would like to recommend this course to Web developers who want to do Secure Coding. This course will surely help them to build secure websites by avoiding some common mistakes.


Add some practical labs for practice



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